Which Is Better, A Gas Stove Or A Hob

Which Is Better, A Gas Stove Or A Hob In India?

Buying a gas stove or cooktop is one-time investment stuff and everybody wants a cooktop that can give service for a long time. 

But not having proper knowledge about the stuff that you are buying might lead to losses and that is why thorough research must be done before selecting a product to buy.  

So, in this article let us know, which is better, a gas stove or a hob in India? 

Gas Stove 

In simple words, a gas stove is a cooking appliance that uses combustible gas for cooking.

Gas stoves have made cooking way easier than before because, before the invention of the gas stove, coal or wood, or cow dung was used as fuel for cooking. 

But with the invention of gas stoves, cooking can be done by using combustible gases.

The first gas stove was developed in the 1820s and gas stoves were made available commercially till the 1880s.

Talking about the Indian version of a gas stove, the setup, and working of the gas stove is quite simple.

The gas stove and the gas cylinder are connected with a gas pipe.

When the gas knob is turned from OFF to SIM position, the gas coming from the cylinder reaches the place under the position where the burner is present.

At this point, gas mixes with air, and with the help of a little spark or lighter or matchstick, the combustion process starts and you get flame above the burner.

The knob lets you control the flow of gas, which means controlling the flame according to the cooking requirement.    


Some Best Gas Stoves in India

Image ProductDimensions
(in cm)
MILTON 2 Burner Gas Stove61.5 x 31 x 13.54 Kg
Wonderchef Platinum 3B Gas Stove72 x 35 x 125.7 Kg
Glen 1043 SD GT55 x 56.5 x 11.87.45 Kg



Gas Hob

The gas hob is just a type of gas stove that has a bit different function and design

Gas hobs are actually manufactured on European standards and are built for modern kitchens.

Unlike traditional gas stoves, gas hobs come with various modern features and designs and that is why they are also expensive as compared to traditional gas stoves.

The working of a gas hob is the same as of gas stove but minor difference.

Pressurized gas passes through the regulator and hosepipe and reaches the knob and from there the pressurized gas mixes up with oxygen.

Then a spark is provided with the help of electricity or an auto-ignition mechanism and the gas starts burning to result in a nice blue flame for cooking. 

Because of the modern design of the gas hob, it looks very stylish, classy, and elegant. 


Some Best Gas Hobs in India

Image ProductDimensions
(in cm)
Faber Maxus HT603 CRS BR CI AI59.5 x 52.5 x 1312 Kg
Whirlpool Elite HD 70470 x 52 x 515 Kg
MODA Germany Built-In Hob 93 x 58 x 18.528 Kg



What Is The Difference Between A Gas Hob And A Gas Stove?

The basic difference between a gas hob and a gas hob is the functionality and designs of both devices. 

But then also let us know thoroughly how these two appliances are different.

(1) Functions

Traditional gas stoves are limited to the basic functions ( ON and OFF ) and you also don’t get much control over the flame.

Whereas in gas hobs, you get many features like alarms, timers with which you help in preventing food from being overcooked or burned, and another feature naming flame failure device automatically stops the gas flow in case flame is not coming.

(2) Design and Looks

Traditional gas stoves have a freestanding body and are raised up to 4 inches above the countertop of the kitchen and the fact cannot be denied that due to this design of traditional stove and the visibility of gas pipe makes it look a bit bulky.

Whereas gas hobs look quite slim and sleek as they are fitted on the countertop of the kitchen by cutting some part from the slab and the electric wires and gas pipes are also concealed giving your kitchen a modern and stylish look.

The position of the traditional gas stoves can be changed if wanted but you cannot change the position of the gas hob as it is permanently fitted on the countertop. 

(4) Cost

If both are compared on the basis of costs, gas hobs are way more expensive than the traditional gas stoves and that is obvious because the quality, premium design, style, and features you get in a built-in hob take it to another level from gas stoves.

The cost of the built-in hob or traditional gas stove also depends on the number of burners the cooktop has and that is you get up to six burners in the gas hob and up to four burners in gas stoves.

(5) Care and Maintenance

Gas hobs require extra care while using and routine cleaning and maintenance as compared to gas stoves because the body is at the level of the countertop.

So, if water or any liquid spill gets in the burner even when you are not knowing, it can damage/ ruin the whole gas hob.

It is not like a traditional gas stove doesn’t need maintenance. It does need that much maintenance compared to gas hobs.

(6) Installment process

The installation process of a gas hob is quite complex than traditional gas stoves because for the fitting of the hob on the countertop, a part of the slab of the kitchen is needed to be cut and other things like wiring make the installation process very complicated.

And that is why it is done by professionals.

Whereas gas stoves are easy to install as you just have to connect the fuel source to the cooktop.       

Apart from these things both are used for the same thing that is cooking and the working or mechanism of both are also almost the same.


Which is better, a gas stove or a hob in India?

Gas hobs can be considered better if we compare both gas stove and gas hob in terms of functionality, looks, and design as you get a variety of functionalities and designs in hobs that perfectly suits a modern kitchen.

Whereas gas stoves can be considered better in terms of pricing, maintenance, and installation process.  

The best decision-maker is you to conclude this question. 

The reason behind this is, my needs and requirements can be different from yours’s, and likewise, your needs and requirements can be different than others.




So, that was an article on ‘which is better, a gas stove or a hob, in India?’.

We hope that this article helped you understand how a gas stove and a gas hob are different from each other and on which aspects, which appliance is better.