Which Burner Is Good For Gas Stove?

Which Burner is Good For Gas Stove?

Buying a gas stove is all about the durability of the burner, its performance, and its quality.Getting too many options online might be confusing for you to find a gas stove that is worth buying.This article lets us know more about gas burners so that we can conclude which burner is good for gas stoves.

If gas burners are categorized on the mode of their ignition, then there are three types of burner: 

1) Standing pilot

In Standing pilot-based gas burners, a constant flame is continuously burning under the cooktop.It is a standard ignition device Standing pilot-based gas burners are used worldwide for cooking because of their simplistic design and structure. 

There are quite many benefits of having standing pilot-based gas burners like if it is maintained carefully then it provides you service for a really long period and in winter, it also helps to heat a home.

But because of its system of continuously burning flame under the cooktop, it consumes more energy/fuel compared to other types of gas burners.       

2) Electric Ignition 

An electric ignition type of gas burner is found on upgraded gas stoves.Electric ignition gas burners were used by western countries but these days it has become common and is used almost everywhere.

When the gas knob is turned, one can hear a very small clicking sound. what actually happens inside is that when you hear a clicking sound, what actually happens inside there is that it generates electric sparks that ignite the surface burner.

This type of gas burner is obviously more efficient than standing pilot-type burners. This type of gas burner lets you save energy/fuel and also needs very little maintenance.          

3) Sealed burner 

Gas stoves with sealed burners are mostly in smaller households and the reason why they are used is that they are easy to handle as well as easy to maintain.

They are sealed with cooktop utensils and may not heat up quickly.

In sealed burner-type gas stoves, to catch spills and debris, there are bowls around the burner, and the burners are attached to the cooktop.

If we categorize burners by the materials with which they are made up, then which burner is better Aluminium or brass? 

1) Brass Burner

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and brass burners come with beautiful gold color.Brass burners have very high durability which makes them suitable for cooking indoors as well as outdoors in any weather conditions.

Brass burners are resistant to stains as well as high temperatures as they have a high melting point.Brass burners help you cook your food better manner as it distributes heat evenly throughout the pot or utensil in which you are cooking.People mostly prefer brass burners because of the high heat retention property of it.   

And because of these reasons, brass burners are a bit costly.

2) Aluminium Burner

Aluminum burners are used as traditional burners. They are less denser than brass burners and absorb heat faster.When compared to brass burners they have a low melting point resulting in deforming and warping when used for a long time.

Aluminum burners have a short life span as they are also less corrosion resistant. And of course, they are less costlier than brass burners.    


Even if there are different types of burners the material with which they are made up doesn’t make that difference.The reason behind this is that the flame quality, flame size, and overall efficiency of the burner depend on gas distribution arrangements, the holes, and most important the nozzle size.

As for an Indian household, considering the above points, we would recommend you to buy a gas stove with brass burners and on an ignition basis, a gas stove with electric ignition-type burners.