what is an auto-ignition gas stove

What Is An Auto Ignition Gas Stove?

If gas stoves are categorized on the basis of mode of ignition, then there are two types of gas stoves. The first is a manual ignition gas stove and the second is an auto-ignition gas stove.

In this article, we will be discussing everything about auto-ignition and auto-ignition gas stoves.

What is an Auto Ignition Gas stove? 

An auto-ignition gas stove is a variant of the gas stove that has an auto-ignition system that is used for igniting the burner of the gas stove.  

Auto-ignition means the automatic lighting up of the burner when the knob is turned from the OFF to ON position. 

Some Best Auto-Ignition Gas Stoves

Image ProductDimensions
(in cm)
WeightCheck Price
Hamlay 2B AI Gas Stove55 x 33 x 146.09 Kg
BLOWHOT Jasper AI Stove77 x 37.5 x 1410 Kg
Glen 1048 SQ BL FB AI70.5 x 57 x 1413.1 Kg


How does auto ignition gas stove work (Auto-ignition gas stove mechanism)        

Basically, in an auto-ignition system, spark igniters are used which automatically ignite the gas burners. 
When the knob is rotated, the gas supply is turned ON.   

Well, the working of an auto-ignition gas stove is not as complex as people think it is. 

The auto-ignition gas stove mechanism depends upon the gas stove that you are buying because there are different ways with which auto-ignition works. 

  • Battery-operated ignition system     

  Gas stoves having this system usually have a red-colored push button to switch ON. They also have spark plugs attached to the battery as well as to switch. These spark plugs are present under gas burners. 

When it is switched ON, these spark plugs create a spark inside every burner. And these sparks ignite the gas coming out of the burner producing flame with which you cook your food.

But the demerit of this system is that the battery is needed to be changed from time to time like every six months so that you can continuously take advantage of the ignition system.

Gas stoves with battery-operated auto-ignition systems are cost-effective and come at a reasonable price. 

  • Inbuilt auto-ignition system ( battery-less)  

  The working of an auto ignition gas stove without a battery is the same as the battery-operated system but the difference is that in this system battery is not used. 

This system creates a spark under the burner with batteries. This inbuilt auto-ignition system is usually found in high-end gas stoves or hob tops.

You get a hassle-free and smooth functioning experience as you get a nice flame just by turning the knob.     

The pricing of gas stoves with an inbuilt auto-ignition system is higher than that of a battery-operated ignition system.

Auto-ignition gas stove advantages

Now let us see what are the advantages of an auto-ignition gas stove.

(1) With the help of auto-ignition, gas burners ignite faster when compared to matchsticks or lighter.

(2) It takes no effort or it just takes the minimum effort of turning the knob, as the burner lights up automatically when the knob is turned ON.

(3) In case of a lost matchstick box or lighter, you might need some time to find it and also for lighting up the burner. But with auto-ignition, there is no such issue or waste of time.

(4) In the case of manual ignition, there is a waste of gas and it also takes time, but in the case of auto-ignition, there is no wastage of fuel or time as the burner lits up quickly with just a small spark.

(5) Auto-ignition saves you the extra expense of buying a matchstick or lighter and you don’t have to worry when the lighter is not working or when you’ve got no matchstick.

(6) It doesn’t cause a gas leak and that’s why it is a better option when compared to manual methods.   

Auto-ignition gas stove disadvantages

Everything has its good side and a bad side. So, here are some drawbacks of an auto-ignition gas stove.

(1) Electricity is required for the working of the auto-ignition system. Some gas stove has an auto-ignition system that is battery-operated but those are required to be replaced most often.

(2) Most auto-ignition gas stoves come in a premium price range. Well, that is obvious as you get more convenience because of the advanced technology.

(3) Auto-ignition gas stoves need higher maintenance compared to gas stoves with manual ignition. 

(4) In case of any damage, repair costs might be high. They also require servicing from time to time like replacing knobs or buttons, electrical circuits, etc.

(5) While cleaning the auto-ignition gas stove, you need to be extra careful cause if water gets in contact with the ignition mechanism, then I guess you are done with it.

How to use an auto ignition gas stove safely?

We often hear about accidents of gas stove explosions due to gas leaks or things like that. These accidents occur sometimes due to system fault but most of the time it happens due to improper usage of kitchen appliances.
So it is very important for the user to know about how the system works and how to use it.  

Down below are some points with which you can understand how to use an auto-ignition gas stove safely.  

(1) Always read the product manual provided with the product that you have purchased. The fact cannot be denied that most of us do not give attention to these product manuals.

For your convenience, the information on the right direction of using the product, dos, and don’ts, installing the product as well as working is clearly mentioned in the product manual. 

So make sure that you read the product manual of the purchased product before using it to avoid accidents. A customer care number is also provided in case of any confusion or emergency.

(2) Unnoticed gas leakage is one of the major causes of gas stove accidents. Leakages of gas mostly happen when there are cracks in gas pipes or when parts are not fitted properly. So make sure to change gas pipes regularly to avoid any kind of accidents. 

Apart from this, do not place flammable things like paper, plastic, petroleum, etc near the gas stove. 

It is recommended to place the gas stove near the window and open the window while cooking so that gas can quickly dissipate into the atmosphere. 

And a fire extinguisher is must-have equipment for your kitchen.

(3) Many of us think that once the appliance is installed, there is nothing to do afterward and forget about the cleaning and maintaining the installed appliance. 

Make sure that you regularly clean and maintain the gas stove like the relacing battery or replacing eroded gas burners, etc. By doing this, you increase the lifespan of your gas stove.     

But watch out during cleaning that the auto-ignition mechanism doesn’t get affected by the water. 

(4) Do not leave the gas stove unattended while you are using it. Some people also do other things while cooking and forget that they were even cooking and this is why most of the accidents happen.  

To prevent your skin to get in contact with fire and getting hurt, once you finish cooking, turn OFF the burner before putting the utensil down in which you are cooking.

And always pay attention to the flame of the burner. Always pay attention to the flame of the burner and only have the amount of flame which is required for cooking a particular dish.

Points to remember before buying an auto-ignition gas stove

(1) Auto-ignition has two modes of operation. The first one is traditional which has a sparking stone for generating a spark that doesn’t require much maintenance and the other is an electronic one that provides efficient ignition but it also needs regular maintenance.   

(2) Make sure that the auto-ignition gas stove that you are buying is sturdy and has a spill-proof design so that it can deal with high temperatures or liquid spills.

(3) Check that there is enough space between the burners of the stove so that you can use all burners at a time without getting hurt. Distance between the burners plays a vital role in cooking safely.
The gas stove must have an easily accessible gas pipe inlet.

(4) Auto-ignition gas stoves are more expensive than regular ones.

(5) The cost of repairing a gas stove or replacing its parts is costly. So make sure you use an auto-ignition gas stove safely and maintain it regularly.

(6) Try buying an auto-ignition gas stove that has an ISI safety mark because this ISI mark gives assurance that the product is gonna give you value and is safe to use.

(7)The gas stove must have smooth-running heat-regulating knobs.


We hope that you got your answer to ” what is an auto-ignition gas stove? ” and also enough information about an auto-ignition gas stove. 

Everything has pros, cons, limits, demerits, etc but if we know about our requirements and particulars about the product, then you can have the best buy.

We hope that this post helped you have the best and most informed purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions 

(1) How to turn on the auto-ignition gas stove?

You just have to turn the knob from OFF to SIM. When you turn the knob, a sparking stone generates a spark under the burner and when this spark comes in contact with the gas, you get the flame in your burner.

(2) How to repair an auto ignition gas stove?

You have to check whether the red button switch is working or not, whether the igniter is working properly or not and you also have to check that the wires are properly connected to the igniter and whether it is damaged or not. 

  • If the igniter is not working, you have to replace it with a new igniter. 
  • If the wires are damaged or are not connected properly, you have to bring new wires and make sure that they wire is properly connected.
  • Change the battery.    

(3) Is automatic gas stove safe?

Yes! Auto-ignition gas stove is safe to use. Like, with the help of auto-ignition, you don’t have to bring your hand near the burner which decreases the probability of getting hurt. 
It has its own merits and demerits, but if we use it with precautions in mind then it can be considered the best type of gas stove 

(4) Which gas stove is better manual or automatic? 

In a way, an auto-ignition gas stove is the best but in another way, a gas stove with manual ignition is better.

Both have their own pros and cons. So, considering which gas stove is better totally depends on your requirement and your choice.