what is a png gas stove

What is a PNG Gas Stove?

In this article, we will be talking briefly about what are PNG gas stoves.

Talking about India, now there is over 74 lakh( approx. ) consumers of PNG and the numbers are increasing day by day.

The reason behind this thing happening is that this PNG is more economical as well as less hazardous.

But in India, the gas stove we see mostly are made to use LPG in it.

And that is why in the online market you may not find many gas stoves that are PNG-compatible. People buy LPG stoves, do some modifications and use them with PNG.

Yes, there are PNG stoves but there are not many options in them like LPG stoves.

That is why recently PCRA (Petroleum Conservation Research Association) has developed a new gas stove specifically designed for PNG consumers.

It is designed in a way to yields higher fuel efficiency than LPG gas stoves.

What is a PNG Gas Stove?

The gas stove designed to use PNG as a fuel for cooking purposes is known as a PNG gas stove.  

PNG gas stoves are not something so different from LPG gas stoves.

The body design and functionality of these PNG gas stoves are the same as LPG gas stoves.

It’s just that these PNG stoves use PNG as fuel whereas LPG gas stoves use LPG as fuel for cooking.

One major difference between PNG stoves and LPG stoves is their nozzle. PNG stove nozzles have a greater diameter than LPG stove nozzles.

To deeply understand the difference between LPG stoves and PNG stoves, you can go through the article linked below.

So these days why is the demand for these PNG stoves increasing rapidly and people are opting for PNG stoves over LPG stoves?

Let us understand this. Let us now discuss some of the pros and cons, advantages, and disadvantages of PNG gas stoves.

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Advantages of PNG Gas Stoves

Since PNG stoves use PNG as a fuel, so because of PNG, it has many advantages all because of PNG.

  1. Because of PNG, these gas stoves are very energy efficient.
  2. We can say these stoves are somewhat eco-friendly because the PNG used in them produces way too less CO2 when burned than LPG.
  3. PNG stoves are safer to use cause the fuel used in them is not as hazardous as LPG.
  4. PNG gas stoves aesthetically also look good because the gas connection is done through pipes, unlike LPG for which cylinders are used.
  5. PNG gas stoves might reduce fuel consumption and also your monthly bills.

Drawbacks of PNG Stoves

  1. There are PNG stoves available online and offline as well but there are not many options upon which you can rely on. ( Tonnes of LPG import to India is the reason why companies here focus on LPG-compatible stoves rather than producing PNG stoves.  )
  2. PNG has not reached everywhere in India and is available in only a few metro cities, which is why the production of PNG stoves is done less.
  3. In PNG stoves, since the gas connection is through pipes, there is a continuous flow of gas, so if the stove is not taken care of properly, there might be leakage.
  4. Since the calorific value of PNG is somewhat less than LPG, the flame in PNG stoves might be kind of less powerful than LPG ones, but there is not much difference.

End Note

The last question that comes into mind is whether to for PNG stoves or not.

I would say you must definitely go for a PNG gas stove as they are much more economical and efficient. But due to not many options available, people buy LPG gas stoves and modify them to use PNG.

It’s up to you, you can either directly buy a PNG stove or can buy an LPG stove and make it PNG compatible by some modifications in the gas inlet nozzle.

I hope this article gave you enough information about what PNG gas stoves are.

Thank you for visiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a PNG gas stove different?

If you’ve read the article carefully, I’ve already answered this question. PNG gas stoves are no different than LPG stoves in terms of structure. The only difference between them is the gas used in them and the gas nozzle size.

2. Can I use an LPG stove with PNG?

Yes, you can use an LPG stove with PNG. But for that, a minor modification is required in the gas stove nozzle. It is recommended to take help from authorized people to do that work.

3. How to convert an LPG gas stove to PNG?

You cannot do that on your own until you have the tools required for that. It’s better to call for a mechanic. What he’ll do is he will either change the current nozzle with another nozzle used for PNG or he’ll drill and increase the diameter of the hole in the nozzle? In this way, the LPG stove can be converted into a PNG stove.