What is a glass top gas stove

What is a Glass Top Gas Stove?

Before buying a gas stove, you must know about the stove that you want to buy. These days you can find many types of gas stoves.

From those many stoves, the type of stove which we will be discussing in this article is a glass top gas stove.

Let us discuss what, how, why, and everything about glass top gas stove.


What is a Glass top gas stove?

A glass top gas stove is a variant of a gas stove that has toughened glass on the top.

The reason why a glass top gas stove is preferred by many is because of the premium glass design on the top of the stove.

There is no doubt that the glass top gas stove does look attractive and elegant cause of its sleek and classy design.       

Stainless steel gas stoves have been the tradition of Indians for decades. So glass top stove has been introduced to replace stainless steel gas stoves.

Starting from one brand, now you can find glass top stoves from various brands. The price of the glass stove is different according to the brand and the quality of the glass provided by the brand.   

Glass top gas stoves are no different from other types of gas stoves except for a bit different forms and features as their main function is to cook only.

Besides their great look, they are also durable and there is no compromise in the quality.


How do glass top stoves work and How to use a glass top stove?

  • How do glass top gas stoves work?

The working of all gas stoves is the same whether it is a glass top stove or stainless steel stove or any other type of stove.

When you turn the knob what actually happens is that the intake valve opens and the gas travels from the venturi tube to the place where the burner is present.

You can see holes on the burner. These small holes let the gas mix up with oxygen. And finally, when you provide a little spark or small flame with your matchstick or lighter, this gas-oxygen mixture gets ignited and starts the combustion process. 

The flame gets larger or smaller when you turn the knob left or right because turning the knob actually increases or decreases the flow of gas into the burner.  

  • How to use a glass top stove?           

First of all, turn the knob from OFF towards SIM.

Now, if your gas stove has an auto-ignition system, then the burner will light up automatically but if it has a manual ignition system then you have to use a matchstick or lighter to light up the burner.

Now set the flame size to low or medium or large with the knob so that you can have enough heat for the dish that you are cooking accordingly.

After cooking, turn the knob to OFF.

Let the gas stove cool for some time and then clean the glass top if there is any spill or something else on the glass surface.


Glass top gas stove advantages

Down below are some advantages of the glass top gas stoves listed.

(1) Most people buy glass top gas stoves cause of their premium look and attractive design. And these days there are many companies that produce glass top gas stoves with different designs. So you get many options in a glass top gas stove and can buy a stove that fits your kitchen and choice.

(2) Addition of glass top gas stove to your kitchen a classic and premium look.

(3) Most of the glass top gas stove comes with an auto-ignition system. And other than this auto-ignition system, you can also manually ignite your burner. 

(4) Glass top gas stoves are designed in such a way that the burners are not visible. So this thing gives one plus point in the aesthetic section.


Does glass top gas stove disadvantages? 

The answer is yes. It does have disadvantages.

Though with the looks every gas stove looks flawless but the reality is that nothing is perfect. The same goes for glass top stoves. Glass top gas stove has their own pros and cons.

Let us know some of the disadvantages of glass top gas stoves.

(1) Glass top stoves are the things that should be handled with care as they are prone to scratches, breakages and can be easily damaged. Glass tops are strong enough to bear pressure but within their limit. 

(2) Glass top stoves are strong but not more than stainless steel stoves. So, do not expect that you will get durability as much as stainless steel stoves.

(3) Glass top stoves are higher in cost when compared to stainless steel stoves. The reason is because of the manufacturing process of it as they need more precision in machine engineering in making of it and they provide many features that you don’t get in normal one as well.

(4) In case of any damage, replacements are so expensive that in place of replacement you can buy a new one.

(5) You have to handle it with care when the stove is warm as the glass on the top can crack if the surface of the hot utensil touches the glass.

(6) For glass top gas stoves, you have to use utensils with a flat surface for better heat distribution as well as for better cooking.

(7) One of the main complaints from the users of glass top stoves is that the malfunction in the auto-ignition feature but this usually occurs in low-cost glass top models.


What to do and what not to do on a glass top stove (How to maintain a glass top stove?)

Here is a list of some dos and don’ts that you have to remember if you have or want to have a glass stove gas stove.

(1) In case of any spill on the glass top, clean it as soon as possible cause the more you’ll wait, it will become harder for you to clean it later.

(2) Do not clean the glass top when the stove is warm. Wait for the stove to cool down and then you can clean it.

(3) Do not use harsh cleaners to clean the glass top, instead, use things like a sponge that is soft so that you go easy on the glass.

(4) While moving or placing utensils from one place to another, instead of dragging, lift up the utensil and place it where you want.

(5) Only use utensils with a flat bottom. Do not use utensils with round bottom or any utensil that shakes or do not settle still while cooking.

(6) Since iron utensils have a rough bottom, avoid keeping iron utensils on the glass stoves as it may leave scratches on the glass top.

(7) Do not keep ceramic or stoneware dinnerware on or near the glass stove.


How to clean glass on a gas stove?

Down below are the steps with which you can clean the glass on a gas stove.

To clean glass top:

(1) First of all, remove all spills that you have on the glass top.

(2) Take some lemon juice or vinegar and some baking soda and sprinkle it all over.

(3) Leave it for some time.

(4) Now take a scrubber (soft) like a sponge and clean the whole surface by wiping it.

(You can use a scraper to clean burned food residue but not those with sharp edges if don’t want any scratches on your glass top.) 

To clean burners:

(1) First of all, wash all the burners with warm water.

(2) Use some baking soda and water to make a paste that is to be used as a cleaner.

(3) Now use that paste and coat the burner with that paste and then leave it for 15-20 minutes.

(4) Now, with the help of a scrubber, scrub the whole burner and wash it thoroughly with water.



So that was an article about ” What is a Glass top gas stove? “

We hope that this article gave you enough information about the glass top gas stove, its pro, its cons, and everything so that you can make an informed purchase of the product that you want to have.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do glass top stoves crack?

There are three main causes for the cracking of the glass top of a gas stove.

  • When the glass gets excessively heated because of the burners.
  • When it gets impacted beyond its threshold.
  • When you intentionally try to break the glass top.  

2. Do glass top stoves break easily?

No, they don’t break that easily. Actually, toughened glass on the top of the stove is much harder, stronger, and sturdier than normal glass. They don’t break until and unless the force or pressure applied crosses the threshold or if someone intentionally tries to break it. 

3. Is it safe to use a glass-top gas stove?

Yes, it is totally safe to use as well as easy to maintain a glass top gas stove. But for new users, it takes time to get used to it.  

4. Which glass is best for a gas stove?

Toughened glass is best for gas stoves. And it is recommended to buy a glass top gas stove that has 4 mm or 6 mm of glass thickness.     

5. What is the best cleaner for glass top stoves?

As for glass, lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda can be considered as the best and inexpensive cleaner which you can use to clean the glass top of the stove.