Regulator is Off But Still The Gas is Running: Why & What to do?

These days in India, almost every household uses gas stoves that run with the help of gas cylinders. It’s a machine, right?

So it might work well and the other times it may not. There may even be faults in it.

So as a user, we must know what is its mechanism. If you do not know how it works and then if some problem occurs, then you’ll be doomed.

There even might be severe consequences since the gas used in cooking is kind of dangerous.

Cooking equipment which we use for cooking gas stoves, and gas cylinders, and every part of them plays a vital role.

So among all, one part which we will be talking about here is the gas regulator and the problem with the gas regulator.

Problem With Gas Regulator

Like other parts, the gas regulator is also one of the most important parts of cooking equipment we use.

Without this regulator, I guess it would be difficult for us to control the gas flow from the gas cylinder to the gas stove.

One of the common problems that occur with most of us is that the gas is still flowing even after you’ve shut off the gas regulator.

Share your experience if you’ve gone through it.

And this is the moment where most people start panicking, take the wrong decision, and getting caught in an accident.

At this moment if things are not taken care of properly, then the consequences might be very severe.

So let us understand things one by one. First things first. Let us understand how actually this gas regulator works.

Working Of The Gas Regulator

So this is how the gas regulator works:

It consists of a knob and a pin. And they operate with the gear method.

When the knob of the regulator is turned on, the pin connected with it gets down which lets gas flow from the cylinder to the stove through a gas pipeline.

So we can say that this regulator acts as a room or a chamber from where the gas is released.

And when it is turned on, the only way left for the gas to flow is through the pipeline. Through the pipeline, it reaches the stove.

As simple as that, right?

Why Is The Gas Still Running Even After The Regulator Shut Off?

In this part, we will be knowing the reasons why this thing is happening? What are its causes?

So there can be many reasons behind the happening of this thing.

But most of the time it is actually because of the fault of the regulator. We know that the operation of the knob and pin in the regulator is done with the help of the gear method. As time passes by, due to friction the teeth of the gear decrease which may lead to this problem.

And one more major reason leading to this problem can be the rubber gasket between the regulator and the gas cylinder. A fault in this rubber gasket can also be the reason.

There might also be problems with the pipeline or the gas inlet nozzle of the stove, etc might be reasons but mostly the main or major reason is because of the fault in the regulator.

What To Do To Cope-Up?

This is the situation where most people start panicking, make wrong decisions, and end up getting hurt.

And this is obvious actually because it is actually very dangerous.

So the things you can do in this situation and cope are:

(1) First of all, do not panic.

(2) Immediately shut off the gas regulator and also turn off the gas stove knob.

(3) Open windows and doors to be on the safer side.

(4) Complain about the problem to the agency providing you gas cylinder.

(5) Contact an authorized agent and get your faulty regulator replaced.

End Note

The reason why regulators are needed to be changed when there is a fault is that they cannot be repaired( when the teeth of its gear are decreased ).

The motive for writing this post was to answer the question that “why is the gas still running even after the regulator is shut off?” and “what to do in this situation?”.

We hope that this article helped you clear your query.

Happy Cooking!