What Are Liftable Gas Burner Stoves?

Gas Stove is definitely on your shopping list.

And while searching for the right gas stove that fulfills all your requirements you have come across a completely different type of gas stove named Liftable Gas Burner Stove.

If such is the situation, you might be wondering, what are liftable gas burner stoves and want to know everything regarding it. 

You have come to the right place at StoveQuest I discuss everything about gas stoves that too in detail, and in this article, I will discuss in-depth Liftable Gas burner Stoves, so read the article to the very end!

What Are Liftable Gas Burner Stoves?

Liftable gas burner stoves are the type of gas stoves that have movable pan support which holds the gas burner in place.

Such an arrangement of gas burners makes it easy for the user to remove the gas burner as and when needed. 

Best Liftable Burner Gas Stoves

What is Liftable Gas Burner Technology

Liftable burner gas technology refers to the technology that enables users to lift or remove the gas burners whenever required. 

Types Of Liftable Gas Burner Stove Systems 

Basically, there are two main types of liftable burners they are as follows,  

  • Sealed Liftable Burner System

In this gas stove system, the burners are attached to the pan support. Since the joint is properly sealed there are fewer gaps and crevices in which food material can get trapped. It makes the task of cleaning the gas stove a lot easier. 

  • Slide-in Liftable Burner System

In this gas stove system, the burners are mounted on a sliding track which makes it easy for the users to remove them from the gas stove, whenever required either for cleaning or for inspection of the gas burner components. 

Overall, it can be said that liftable gas burner technology is the practical solution that makes cleaning the gas stove easier. 

What Are The Parts Of a Liftable Burner Gas Stove 

The liftable gas stove burner can have several parts depending on the specific model and off course brand. Listed below are the most common components of liftable burner gas stoves:

  • Burner

First and the foremost part of the gas stove will obviously be the burner. Depending on the brand and model of the gas stove the burner can be of a variety of types. As the name suggests, the gas burner will provide heat to the utensil in which cooking is been done.

  • Valve 

The gas valve is responsible for controlling the flow of gas to the burner, by which the size and intensity of the flame can be adjusted. 

  • Ignition 

Some of the liftable burner gas stoves have an integrated automatic ignition system which can be either battery-operated or electrically operated, while some liftable burner gas stoves can be the classic ones that require manual ignition by the igniter. 

  • Body 

The liftable burner gas stove mostly has a superior toughened glass cooktop, however, it may vary according to the brand. 

  • Pan support

The pan support of the liftable gas burner stove is something that makes it different from other gas stoves. The Burner is usually attached to the movable pan support that can be slid or moved in and out whenever required. 

Advantages Of Liftable Gas Burner Stove 

The advantages of a liftable gas burner stove are, 

  • Ease 

The gas burners being liftable makes it easy for you to clean the gas stove properly. 

  • Flexibility

This type of gas stove gives you complete flexibility to choose which gas burner you want to use and which one you want to lift. 

  • Space Saver  

If you do not require a specific burner, then you can always lift it and utilize the space for some other task like keeping utensils or a cooking spatula. 

  • Convenience 

Having this type of gas burner just adds to the convenience if you are on the time as well as the space crunch. 

Disadvantages Of Liftable Burner Gas Stove 

Along with several advantages that a liftable gas stove burner has to offer, there are a few drawbacks that you should definitely take into consideration before making a purchase, 

  • Budget

The gas stoves with liftable burners are priced comparatively higher than the classic burner gas stoves because of the features and convenience it has to offer. 

  • Lifespan 

As compared to the classic non-liftable gas burners, the liftable burners are less durable due to the wear and tear caused by lifting the burners. 

  • Safety 

This is definitely a major point to take into consideration. Due to the movable parts of the gas stove and the burners being lifted as per requirement, there is a chance of potential gas leaks which may prove to be hazardous. 

  • Availability 

Due to being one of the latest developments in gas burner technology, liftable gas burners are not being manufactured by all the brands, hence the situation of less availability. 


Whether or not to buy a liftable gas burner stove is obviously for you to decide.

But knowing in detail what are liftable gas burner stoves will surely help you to weigh your requirements and budget to the advantages and disadvantages this technology has to offer so that you can take a well-informed decision.