Glen Vs. Prestige Gas Stoves

Which gas stove to buy? Glen Vs Prestige gas stove? Totally confused, I completely get it.

There is nothing to worry about as in today’s article, I will let you know in detail about Glen vs Prestige gas stove, making it a whole lot easier for you to buy the right gas stove that fulfills all your requirements. 

Glen Vs Prestige – The Company Overview

Read to the very end, to know the details of the Glen Vs Prestige gas stove, 

Glen – The Overview

Glen India has proved itself to be at the forefront when it comes to manufacturing kitchen appliances in India ever since its establishment.

The company’s product range comes with every kitchen appliance, from gas stoves to dishwashers.

The company has a well-knit network of more than 500 dealers all over India, with both an online and offline presence. 

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Prestige – The Overview

Prestige is one of India’s leading brands that is built on the foundations of trust, innovation, knowledge, and transparency.

The company solely aims to revolutionize the Indian kitchen of modern families.

As innovation is Prestige’s philosophy, the company is always at the forefront, when it comes to manufacturing advanced home appliances for Indian homes. 

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Glen Vs Prestige – Detailed Comparison 


The body and the cooking surface of the gas stove are available in the gas stove there are several options available in the market.

To discuss it in detail, Glen offers glass cooktops, stainless steel cooktops, and mirror finish cooktops and not to forget the recent addition of ultra slim cooktops. 

Along with conventional toughened glass cooktops and stainless-steel cooktops, Prestige also offers powder-coated glass tops and the latest addition being Schott Glass Top

Burner Technology 

The gas burner technology has advanced itself. These days the classic manual ignition gas stoves, and auto ignition gas stoves, to are in demand.

The auto-ignition gas technology not only enhances, fuel efficiency but also makes it easy for the user to operate the gas stove. 

If you have decided to buy a gas stove with an auto-ignition feature, note that the auto-ignition technology used in gas stoves can be battery-operated or electrically operated.

Both of which have their own pros and cons. 

Liftable burner technology has also been adapted in several models of Prestige gas stoves. The liftable burner technology facilitates users to; lift the burner either when not in use or whenever cleaning the gas stove for in-depth cleaning.

To know more about liftable burners, do read this article. 


This aspect of buying a gas stove completely depends on you as a consumer and your specific cooking requirements.

Knowing these things will help you in deciding which gas stove model and brand is the most suitable for you. 

The conventional two brass burner gas stove with a steel body may cost you as little as a few thousand, while the 5 SABAF burner gas stove with the latest technology will cost you several thousand.

So it’s totally up to you to decide what is best for you in your specific budget.


There is not much to do when it comes to gas stove installation, but if you are someone who may require help with it, do make it a point to convey it to the company dealer at the time of purchase.

Or you may also connect with the company’s customer care service by dialing the toll-free customer care number available on the company website. 

After Sales Service 

After purchasing a gas stove, you must straight away register at the company website for the warranty of the appliance.

Whenever any query or concern arises, feel free to contact the toll-free number on the respective company website. 


Knowing all the technical, innovative, and monetary aspects of gas stoves from both brands, hopefully, now it will be easier for you to decide which gas stove to buy.