Glen Vs. Elica Vs. Faber Gas Stove

Buying a gas stove is an investment indeed and this is the very reason, why most of us get confused about which gas stove to buy and which one not to buy. Or maybe which gas stove is better Glen Vs Elica Vs Faber? Top of Form

In such a situation it is crucial for us consumers to have in detail knowledge about the brand as a whole and the products offered by it.

Glen Vs Elica vs Faber – The Company Overview

Glen – The Overview

Glen India is an Indian company that was established in 1999 and has since proved itself to be one of the most renowned kitchen appliance manufacturers in India.

When it comes to product portfolio, Glen India has a lot to offer to its customers. Its products range from dishwashers to gas stoves, chimneys, and the list goes on.

The company has a strong online and offline presence through various channels and a huge network of more than 500 dealers, as well as 600 service centers, spread all across India. 

Glen Best-selling Gas Stove

Elica – The Overview

Elica is a renowned Italian company that was established in 1970 that specializes in kitchen appliance manufacturing, but it majorly deals with chimney and hood manufacturing.

Along with a strong presence in its home country Italy, Elica has expanded its reach globally. It operates in 37 countries around the world.

Elica is known for its innovative, advanced yet sustainable technology.

Elica Best-selling Gas Stove

  • Elica 594 CT DT VETRO 1J

Faber – The Overview 

Faber was incepted in the year 1955 in Fabriona, Italy. Today it’s a worldwide leader in kitchen appliance manufacturing. 

Franke Faber India Private Limited is an Indian subsidiary of Faber. This subsidiary was established in 1997 and with time it has become a leading manufacturer of kitchen chimneys and hoods in India.

The products offered by, Faber ranges from chimneys, cooktops, hoods, dishwasher, and built-in ovens. 

The company is known for providing high-quality products and most importantly customer service.  with a focus on meeting the unique needs of Indian consumers.

The company emphasizes providing innovative designs and the latest technology, with a focus on meeting the requirements of Indian customers’ cooking needs.

Faber Best-selling Gas Stove

Glen Vs Elica Vs Faber – Detailed Comparison 


When it comes to the body of the gas stove there are several options available in the market.

So which one you want to buy depends totally upon your specific cooking habits and requirements.

To discuss it in detail, Glenn offers gas stoves glass cooktops stainless steel cooktops, and mirror finish cooktops recent addition is the ultra slim cooktops.

Elica the gastro manufacturing company offers cooktops with stainless steel bodies and glass cooktop bodies so there isn’t much to offer.

Now coming to the Faber, Company offers gas stoves with glass cooktops as well as stainless steel cooktops the recent addition is the combination of glass plus stainless-steel cooktops so that the customers can reap the benefits of both materials.


All the companies Glen, Elica, as well as Faber, offers gas stove with brass burners as well as forged brass burners.

When compared to brass burners forged brass burners offer even heat distribution, have more durability, and are easy to clean. 

So, if I was to suggest, which gas stove you should buy the one with a brass burner or a forged brass burner it would definitely be the latter one.

Other than that gas stoves with a variety of gas burner sizes and numbers are made available by all the companies, Glen, Elica, and Faber.

So, you must take into consideration, your family size, lifestyle, and cooking requirements and not forget the size of your kitchen.


Just like any other technology the gas burner technology has advanced itself.

These days along with the classic manual ignition gas stoves auto ignition gas stoves, too are in demand.

The auto ignition gas technology has a lot of benefits to offer. Increased fuel efficiency, convenience, and aesthetic looks are a few of them.   

If you have decided to buy a gas stove with an auto-ignition feature do note that the auto-ignition technology used in gas stoves can either be battery-operated or electrically operated.

Both battery-operator auto-ignition technology and electrically operated auto-ignition technology have their own pros and cons. Do take it into consideration while you make the purchase. 


The price of the gas stove majorly depends on the design technology body material and features of the appliance that you choose.

The classic manual ignition gas stove having a steel body will be available at a lower price ask compared to the 4 burners forged brass glass cooktop with electrically operated auto-ignition technology. 

However, if the budget permits, you must buy the highest quality gas burner with the latest technology. After all, we don’t buy gas burners every now and then.

It’s a one-time purchase item so why not invest a bit?  


Although, there isn’t much help required by the company technician when it comes to gas stove installation if you require help in installation of the gas stove you can definitely communicate with the company dealers from whom you are purchasing the appliance. 

After Sales Service 

After buying the gas stove, the first thing you must do is register with the particular company, for a warranty and after-sales service facility. 

If any concerns arise regarding the gas stoves you can call the toll-free number which is provided on the company’s official website. 


When it comes to which gas stove to buy, Glen Vs Elica Vs Faber, as a buyer, you must take into consideration various innovative, technical, safety as well as aesthetic features of different gas stove models along with your budget and cooking requirements.

But, you should definitely buy the best available gas stove that fits your budget, so that you can enjoy the cooking experience.